Writing Exercise #7

What Kind Of Writer Are You?

There are no right or wrong answers to the question ‘What kind of writer are you?’ However, knowing the answer yourself will help you to work with the writer in you and make the most of your attributes and skills.

Get to know the writer in you by answering the following questions – and any others you would like to add for yourself. Further questions can be asked over time if you find this helpful.

The idea is to provoke thought and to assist you to understand the way you approach your writing.

There are not always definitive answers to these questions, but asking them of yourself will remind you of your most likely way of working as a writer. There will be grey areas and your focus may shift over time.

Begin with these questions…

Are you a spontaneous writer, who writes when the mood takes you?

Or, a structured writer, who sets aside specific times for writing?

Do you write to a plan, or go with the flow of how your work evolves?

Do you take notes, or trust your memory?

Do you carry notebooks, or jot ideas on scraps of paper, old receipts or anything else you can lay your hands on in the moment?

Do you only write when you’re alone, or can you write anywhere, anytime?

Are you a night writer, or a morning writer?

Do you write one piece of work at a time, or have several projects on the go at once?

What stimulates your creative juices?

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