Writing Exercise #9

Reflect On Your Writing Year

An important part of goal-setting is to reflect on what has been before. Recognition of what has been achieved and identifying what hasn’t, gives a foundation for new direction.

Take some time to explore your writing year by thoughtfully answering the following questions:

  • Did you achieve all the writing activities you wanted to during 2016?
  • Or are there writing projects unattempted, partly-finished and put aside, or relegated to the bin?
  • Are the projects you wanted to complete, but didn’t, still relevant?
  • Does your passion still burn for these projects?

If your achievements fell short of your dreams, consider why this may be…

  • Why were some hopes fulfilled and not others?
  • What made these more achievable?
  • Were your hopes too big for your circumstances?
  • Did other commitments overshadow your writing endeavours?
  • Are there strategies that could have been implemented to assist your attempts to meet your goals?

Your journey through these questions will give you insight into your writing life, which will be invaluable when you move on to set achievable goals for your writing in 2017 – per my next blog.

This exercise is related to my blog ~ Preparing To Set Writing Goals That Can Succeed and Writing Tip #10.

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