Writing Exercise #11 – Part A

Point-Of-View Exercise – Part A

Close your eyes and think about the characteristics that make you uniquely you. Don’t concentrate only on the physical… go deeper… and deeper… until you reach the essence of who you are – your likes, dislikes, values, attitudes, what is important to you, how you approach things – and so on, and so on…

Jot these down, and keep going until you feel you have reached your inner self.

Having clarified who you are at a very deep level; set aside your notes.

Write a piece that introduces you to the reader. Write from your own perspective (‘I…’) as you would if you were speaking directly to a person or a group of people.

Don’t exaggerate or be too modest. Be clear, precise and honest. Remember, no one but you will see what you write, unless you want them to…

The word limit for this exercise is 100 words. You won’t fit everything about yourself into this number of words, but if you follow the directions above the most-characteristically-you items will be included.

This exercise is Part A of a five component Point-Of-View exercise. It will be used as a foundation for the next exercise I post.

(Exercise #11 – Part B)

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