Writing Exercise #17

Take Five Words

Choose a photograph from your albums or your computer. Any photo will do, because this exercise can be repeated with any snapshot at any time.

Take a close look at the photo, really scrutinise it, ask yourself questions about it, make sure you notice aspects of it that you’ve never realised were there.

Think about the people, the place, the atmosphere, and any stories behind the scene. Absorb the essence of what has been captured, going deeper than the obvious.

Close your eyes and absorb whatever strikes you from this experience.

Come back to the present and write down the first five words that come to you in relation to the photograph. These will be the five most pertinent words in the moment and you may have other words surface at another time, even with the same photograph.

Write a piece that takes you and the reader on a journey through that photograph, utilising the five words you’ve jotted down or their meaning, and any images or emotions that are stimulated by the snapshot.


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