Writing Exercise #26

Take Stock Of Your Writing Goals

This exercise is a quick way to take stock of your writing goals. It is useful any time you wish to review your progress, reassess your goals and/or refocus on your writing. It is also a perfect exercise to find new direction after you’ve been derailed by some taxing and emotional event such as a bushfire like those that ravage our country this summer.

Take the following questions one by one and answer them as fully as you can:

  • What were my writing hopes for this period (the last year, 3 months, month etc)?
  • What did I achieve?
  • What is the difference between my hopes and achievements?
  • What are my next steps?
  • What else will I do as I move forward?

Your answer to the third question will either confirm that you have achieved all you had hoped or highlight what steps you need to take to fulfil your outstanding goals. Identifying these steps will leave you free to consider the direction your writing will take as you move into the next month, quarter or year. This, then, is the foundation for your next set of writing goals.

My Blogs ~ Reflection On My Writing Year,  Moving Forward and Looking Back and Forward combine to form an example of this process. Answering the questions as I wrote these blogs, has given me the direction I need to refocus on my Writing Journey for 2020 after losing most of January to the bushfires.

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