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Writing Tips

This page is where I plan to share the Writing Tips I’ve accumulated through my own writing and the development of the Writers’ Courses I’ve facilitated. The list will grow regularly, as will my blog and other features For Writers on this website.

These tips will be presented in short, direct sentences, for clarity and so they can be used for quick reference. At first glance they may appear to be over-simplified, however, in reality each entry will be the essence of the concept I’m passing on. Some will stand alone, while others may need further explanation.

This expansion will come via future tips posted here or may be expanded in my blog – The Writer’s Journey. In some cases, there will be opportunities to explore the ideas behind the tips in the Writing Exercises section.

Check in often and enjoy the ride!



Writing Exercises

On this page I’ll challenge you with Writing Exercises from the Writers’ Courses I’ve developed and facilitated over the years. New tasks will be added regularly, so you can build on your writing experience and increase your skills and resources at the same time.

Some exercises are intended to be ‘jumping-off points’ with some room for interpretation, so they won’t restrict creativity or voice. Their purpose is to get you writing, regardless of where they take you. Other assignments are more specific and are designed to illustrate particular techniques which require the instructions to be followed as outlined.

Any activity can be repeated again and again, giving you a fresh piece of work each time.

When teaching, I apply a three hundred word limit to most exercises due to class time constraints. You may choose to self-impose a threshold or continue to write if you’re on a roll. Who knows… you may have the beginnings of a short story or even a book – it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened from one of my challenges!