Sarah Barrie ~ Author

Kathryn has been an invaluable mentor (and friend) in my journey from novice writer to Bestselling Australian Author.

When I attended my first workshop with Kathryn I had no writing experience whatsoever. I found Kathryn to be a supportive, friendly and encouraging teacher, with a teaching style that was both easy to follow and confidence building.

For these reasons, I attended further workshops as well as many one-on-one sessions whilst working on my first novel Secrets of Whitewater Creek. Kathryn spent hours helping me to strengthen and fine-tune the story which, on completion, was quickly picked up by Harlequin MIRA and went on to be an Australian bestseller in print, a number 1 bestseller on Amazon Australia and saw me rank 3rd on the list of Breakthrough Authors for 2014. It was further shortlisted for the ARRA Award, the RUBY Award and the Sisters in Crime Award.

Continuing to utilise the skills and techniques Kathryn taught me (and often returning to the notes she provided!) I was able to match my success with another bestselling rural romance, which saw me secure a top Australian agent and a multiple book contract with MIRA Australia.

I cannot praise Kathryn’s professionalism and expertise highly enough, nor thank her enough for how much of herself she pours into helping her students.

Kathryn is a gifted writer and teacher, and a must for anyone looking for that special mentor to guide them in their own writing journey.

Sarah Barrie



Judy Witt aka Toko Loshe ~ Author

I have been going to Kathryn’s workshops for several years now… mostly for her writing knowledge and story advice as to strategy, concept and set up. However during that time we became friends and I have remained with Kathryn not only as my mentor but for counselling. Kathryn has this amazing ability to put everything in perspective and take the stress out of your writing. After publishing my first book Shades of Africa I am well on the way to finishing my second book. Once again I cannot do this without Kathryn. Let me share my acknowledgement of this amazing lady in my book:

To Kathryn Coughran

Thank you for your patience as I struggled to complete this story… your belief in me and encouragement as I stopped and started time and time again. You dragged me back relentlessly chapter after chapter. You are my true friend and mentor. I could not have done this without you.

Judy Witt aka Toko Loshe

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Mei-Ling Venning ~ Author

Kathryn Coughran was my mentor throughout the process of writing my first novel. This began at the planning stage where she talked to me about what I envisaged writing. At all stages of the process, Kathryn asked me searching and relevant questions about my novel in order to be able to best assist me. She showed me how to turn my rough ideas into a detailed plan of the story arc.

Over a few months, character sheets were added to my planning folder, along with maps of my fictional setting and time-lines; all of which proved to be invaluable to me as I wrote.

I know from experience of working in a vacuum that it is possible for a plot to meander and go up blind alleys. With Kathryn’s method I always knew where I was, although much writing was not actually done in sequence. I did not need to write chronologically since I knew where I was in the story arc.

Once the actual writing started, I also attended critiquing workshops with Kathryn to edit and smooth out wrinkles.

Mei-Ling Venning

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Wyong Writers

Kathryn has presented various workshops to Wyong Writers over the years. Some have been full weekend courses and others have been afternoon sessions. Kathryn plans her workshops thoroughly and delivers her material to the audience she has, not necessarily the one she thought she might have.

Wyong Writers have been pleased to benefit from Kathryn’s long course The Writer’s Bag of Tricks which covered an understanding of the basic story structures and the function and use of the sub-plot, making characters rounded rather than flat and cardboard.

This workshop was followed by Keeping The Reader Hooked, and later a series of workshops for high school students, Unleash The Writer In You! which Kathryn facilitated during school holidays.

Workshops facilitated by Kathryn in recent years have included Writing Intimacy and an excellent session on Tips and Techniques to Give your Writing the Edge.

Mei-Ling Venning – President

Wyong Writers